EGCG (Green tea extract)

98% / 95% / 90% / 70%
White Powder
Particle Size
80 Mesh


Unlock the Power of Nature with EGCG – Elevate Your Well-being Today!

Are you ready to embrace the invigorating benefits of green tea in a potent and concentrated form? Introducing EGCG, the powerhouse green tea extract that brings the essence of nature’s vitality to your daily routine.

Why Choose EGCG Green Tea Extract?

Pure Wellness: EGCG, or Epigallocatechin Gallate, is the star antioxidant found in green tea leaves. Our green tea extract is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the pure essence of this powerful compound, offering a concentrated dose of well-being in every serving.

Antioxidant Armor: EGCG is renowned for its exceptional antioxidant properties, aiding your body in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Incorporate EGCG into your routine to support your body’s natural defense system.

Metabolic Boost: Research suggests that EGCG may contribute to weight management by supporting a healthy metabolism. Enhance your fitness journey with the natural support of green tea extract.

Heart Health: EGCG is believed to promote cardiovascular health by supporting healthy cholesterol levels. Prioritize your heart’s well-being with the natural benefits of green tea.

Mental Clarity: Embrace cognitive vitality as EGCG may contribute to improved brain function and focus, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

Unlock Your Potential with EGCG – Your Passport to Well-being!

Contact us today to explore the world of EGCG green tea extract and elevate your wellness journey. Embrace the natural power of green tea, revitalizing your body and mind with every drop.


Health and Wellness Products:

  • Dietary supplements: EGCG is available in capsule or powder form as a dietary supplement to promote overall health and well-being.
  • Antioxidant supplements: EGCG is a powerful antioxidant, and it is often included in antioxidant supplements aimed at reducing oxidative stress and promoting cellular protection.
  • Weight management supplements: Some research suggests that EGCG may help with weight management by boosting metabolism and reducing fat absorption.

Food and Beverage Products:

  • Green tea: EGCG is naturally found in green tea, and it is one of the main reasons why green tea is considered to be a healthy beverage.
  • Functional beverages: EGCG is added to functional beverages, such as green tea extracts, antioxidant-rich drinks, and weight management beverages.
  • Food bars and snacks: EGCG is incorporated into food bars and snacks marketed for their antioxidant and health-promoting properties.

Personal Care Products:

  • Skincare products: EGCG is being investigated for its potential benefits in skincare due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Cosmetics: EGCG is being studied for its potential benefits in cosmetics due to its ability to protect against sun damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Other Applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Research is exploring the potential therapeutic applications of EGCG in various health conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Food preservation: EGCG's antioxidant properties can be used to extend the shelf life of food products.
  • Agricultural applications: EGCG is being studied for its potential use as a natural pesticide or fungicide.


Shelf Life

2 Years


Store in tightly sealed containers then places in a cool and dry place while away from moisture, light, and oxygen.

  • Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. N.W:25kgs .I.D.35×H51cm.
  • Sample: double sealed water plastic bags inside with the aluminum bag outside.